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Web. Once 10 players have been selected for a match, the system looks at all maps those players have played over the last 5 maps for the mode they have queued into. Any maps that a player has played twice in the past 5 maps are removed, before the system then picks the least played map from those remaining.

Ahead of Episode 5, Act 1 in Valorant, Riot Games has revealed a brand new map inspired by Portugal. The trailer for PEARL was unveiled at 6pm BST, with a developer livestream and plenty of.

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MAP ACTIVATIONS. Champions is taking over your VALORANT maps starting on August 23rd with some of your favorite locations dressed up in Champions flair. Thank you for making the first year of the VALORANT Champions tour a massive success. We look forward to closing out the circuit and crowning our second ever World Champion on September 18th.

6. This is my project of rebuilding the Ascent Map from Valorant (Riot Games). Trying to build it as closely to the original as possible. Sadly i couldn't finish this project - the unfinished map as it is, is up to download now and you can work on finishing it for yourself if you want to. Progress.

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